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New school year, new adventures!

Students at KT Murphy may live near Cove Island Park, but the third grade's exploration of Long Island Sound's coastal habitats revealed a whole new side of their local environment. Many students' favorite activity was using quadrats to sample…

Eagle Scout Project with SoundWaters

Congratulations to Jamie Paul for completing his Eagle Scout Project with SoundWaters this past weekend.  Jamie (young man on the left side of the photo) and his troop built two boat racks which will house some new additions to our small boat…

Summer flashback - STEM Students triumph!

One of our favorite memories from the past summer was the STEM Academy students successfully launching the canoe they built from scratch. You may remember when we featured the beginning steps of making their canoe - our students had to carefully…

6th graders at SoundWaters

The SPS 6th graders began their school year with a trip to SoundWaters to study Long Island Sound and the watershed.  The students tested the water, seined, canoed, and learned about the adaptations of Long Island Sound animals.  Check back…

Birthday for Our Terrapin!

Our terrapin are nearing their second birthday! These past two years the terrapin have grown and shown their resilience through all the trials of their lives. We are so proud of their progress and can't wait to see how they will continue to…

Amazing Summer for Camp SoundWaters!

Camp SoundWaters wrapped up an adventurous, fun filled 10 weeks of summer!  This summer featured more boats, sailing, campers, and weeks than ever, thanks for making it possible! We wish all our campers a happy return back to school and…

Research in action

School is just beginning for our Stamford Public School students, but our STEM Academy students are beginning their year as accomplished scientists! Over the summer, these students developed and implemented their own research projects, culminating…

The calm before the storm 

The crew of the schooner SoundWaters spent last night and this morning battening down the hatches and preparing for the forecasted winds associated with the TS Hermine. 
sps teachers cove schooner-comp

Teacher Professional Development Day

The middle school teachers from the Stamford Public Schools joined us for an exciting day on and near the Long Island Sound.  In the morning, they enjoyed a trip on our Schooner and in the afternoon they conducted experiments at the Coastal…

Congratulations, STEM Academy class of 2016!

We are very proud of this year's class of STEM Academy students. They have accomplished so much in the last five weeks! They built their own canoe, created and piloted underwater ROVs, sailed their own Optis, wrote and performed their own skits,…

It's great to be back in Stamford 

The schooner SoundWaters is returning from 2 weeks of programs out East in Port Jefferson,  Bridgeport, Milford and Old Saybrook. While away the schooner traveled over 260 nautical miles and brought 667 passengers out for sails on Long Island…
HarborFest 16

HarborFest is this Saturday!

Carnival, Boats, Live Music, Yoga, Zumba, Green Exhibitors, Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals! Fun for all ages! Free admission and parking!  Learn more  


The STEM students explored the waters off Bocuzzi Park with dip nets and seine nets to discover several species of fish and they also learned more about about plankton when they caught comb jellies. This week wraps up our 5 week program and these…

The schooner SoundWaters arrives in Milford 

  The schooner SoundWaters sailed from Captain's Cove to Milford in preparation for Saturday's Milford Oyster Festival. Tickets for Friday and Saturday's sails may be found on Milford Oyster Festival's website.

Our Yogi's are Thriving!

A momentous occasion has just passed for our terrapin, everyone is over 100 grams! We are so proud of how well they are doing and their great growth. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates!

STEM sailing

This week our Young Mariners STEM academy students ventured away from the dock and sailed in open water!  They practiced their tacking skills and even sailed downwind all the way home! Check back to learn what skills they gain next.

Exploring habitats with STEM Academy!

STEM Academy students were astonished to find that the seemingly lifeless rocks along the shore are actually teeming with life! Students collected as many living things as they could find, learned about the adaptations that enable these animals…

Bluefish Campers practice points of sail

Featured image shows one of our youngest groups of sailors learning the different directions they can sail. When they point their bodies into the wind, they wave their arms around because they can't catch any wind. When they are pointing in…
Group Camp Photo

Mad Science Week on the Horizon!

Monday begins Mad Science week at Camp SoundWaters! Campers will be making their own lava lamp, building crystals and creating a contraption to protect an egg from a fall! Everyone is exploding with excitement for Mad Scientist week! Check back…

Teamwork in action!

STEM Academy has been talking a lot about teamwork these past few days, and this morning, they put it into practice! Today was the first day of building their own boats, starting with carefully measuring out the pieces. We all worked together…

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