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    Tuesday, 16 December 2014 1:03Posted by SoundWaters

    Shop & Support SoundWaters at Vineyard Vines Greenwich

    Shop & Support SoundWaters at Vineyard Vines Greenwich (145 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich CT) on Wednesday, December 17 from 5pm - 7pm. Join event hosts John & Molly Baxter, Scott & Tara Mitchell and Lindsey Worster for a special event!  Take 10% Off your purchase while Vineyard Vines gives 10% back to Sound Waters, the leading environmental education organization on Long Island Sound.  ...
  • Diamondback Terrapin hatchling
    Monday, 15 December 2014 5:10Posted by SoundWaters

    SoundWaters provides permanent home for rescued diamondback terrapins

    SoundWaters, headquartered in Stamford is expecting delivery Wednesday of 25 diamondback terrapin hatchlings seized when U.S. customs inspectors in Alaska intercepted an illegal shipment reportedly destined for China. Leigh Shemitz, President of SoundWaters, reports that a nursery for the baby terrapins has been set up at the Coastal Education Center in Cove Island Park that serves as a learning laboratory for scientific enrichment focused on Long Island Sound: “We have a team of experienced Educators who will care for the hatchlings. Once grown, students will study these terrapins as part of the hands-on scientific learning experience here at SoundWaters.” SoundWaters is the...
  • Horseshoe Crab Molts
    Monday, 15 December 2014 2:49Posted by SoundWaters

    The Molt is On!

    Last month we showcased the spider crabs and their molts. This month we have a whole new molt for you! Shown in the picture on the left is the molts from horseshoe crabs in their first year of life.  We have these molts from juvenile horseshoe crabs living in our SoundWaters Aquarium! For the horseshoe crab to grow larger, it needs to molt. And just in case you forgot, molting is when an organism sheds its shell, feathers, hair, or skin to make way for new growth. If you go searching for your very own horseshoe crab molts, they can sometimes be found near tidal flats, left by the...
  • SK Last Day
    Tuesday, 09 December 2014 2:20Posted by SoundWaters

    Mural Madness with SoundKids!

    Our SoundKids are at it again! Our little scientists have created a mural for their classrooms to showcase all the animals they have discovered. Given a science or art, our preschoolers always excel in their challenge! Maple Avenue and Franklin Commons Childcare Learning Centers' SoundKids program have officially wrapped up today. Their preschoolers can now educate you about all the animals, type of water, and many other aspects of Long Island Sound! SoundKids is not over however, William Pitt Childcare Learning Center will be starting their exploration of Long Island Sound tomorrow!...
  • SK Shell 3
    Friday, 05 December 2014 5:22Posted by SoundWaters

    The SoundKids Adventure Continues!

    Franklin Commons Pre-School students learned all about the world of seastars, bivalves, and univalves yesterday! What is a univalve you ask.......well the preschoolers of Franklin Commons can tell you! In the picture, one of SoundWaters' curious little scientists is discovering what a clam is! Every SoundKids program has a special science experiment section, in this case they are learning about the shells and the animals that inhabit those shells. Franklin Commons is well on their way to being Long Island Sound experts!  Check back next week to see the new discoveries SoundKids are making! Univalve: having one shell  Example: Common Channeled Whelk...

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