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Happy Birthday Schooner SoundWaters

The schooner SoundWaters turns 30 today! After 5 years sunset sails in Florida the schooner Eagle sailed north and was re-christened "SoundWaters" It's amazing to think how many thousands of students have learned about Long Island Sound aboard…
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SoundGeneration Coming to Your Local Library!

Our SoundGeneration high school interns held their first event this past Monday at the Perrot Library. They hosted 25 students ranging from grades K-3. These students experienced a touch tank, creative art, a water quality mystery experiment…

Return of the horseshoe crabs!

This Friday marked out first sighting of a horseshoe crab in Cove Island Park! This crab came up to greet the kindergarten students of KT Murphy who as they explored the sandy beach. The students were so excited to find an animal in its Long…

Arts to Life Begins Again!

Yesterday started off SoundWaters’ six week Arts to Life after school program! Each Thursday, twenty four 5th graders from Newfield Elementary School come to SoundWaters to learn about the science of the Long Island Sound and create art projects…

SoundWaters education team ventures up the watershed!

Today our SoundWaters Education team is heading to Torrington,CT for an in school study with their middle school. Later this spring, Torrington middle school will travel to the SoundWaters Coastal Center to learn about Long Island Sound. This…

SoundKids at SoundWaters

Spring time is a great time at SoundWaters for our youngest scientists to explore Long Island Sound. Our preschool SoundKids from various CLC sites in Stamford are exploring their local habitats and reviewing all the animals they learned…

Coastal Cleanup this Weekend!

Join the SoundWaters SoundGeneration Team as they lead a Coastal Cleanup Come from 1:00-3:00, help the environment, and  earn community service hours There are 8,000,000 people in our watershed and you can make a difference!
4-17-16 wine tasting flyer w- tag

Art Show & Wine Tasting to benefit Greenwich Young Mariners Academy

Join us on Sunday, April 17 for an Art Show & Wine Tasting to benefit Greenwich Young Mariners Academy. Hosted by Marcos Torno at: Images of Old Greenwich, 202 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich. Proceeds from the sales of artwork and…

Science Stars is in full swing!

Today is the second to last day of our girls in science program, Science Stars! This is an exciting week where girls from Stamford public schools come to SoundWaters every day during their school break. Featured image shows a student viewing…

CMS students study Long Island Sound

The 6th grade students at Coleytown Middle School began their watershed study with SoundWaters this week.  The students completed lab activities for groundwater filtration and pH investigation of items that can get into our waterways. In…

Signs of Spring!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming! While everyone has been enjoying the signs of spring we know and love, the 1st grade scientists conducting field studies at SoundWaters have been observing another, lesser-known…
millions of babies

Terrapin Eggs!

Some of you may be collecting some colorful eggs today, so we thought we would talk about terrapin eggs!  Most reptile eggs have a soft,  almost leather like shell.  Since terrapin bury their eggs in the sand, this leathery exterior allows…

Pulling the mizzen mast in preparation for launching on Friday

"Softly softly, catchee monkey" -Jan Adkins. The crew of the SoundWaters helped remove the mizzen mast today to prepare for the schooner to go in the water tomorrow.  As, Jan Adkins say: "Lift and  move in small, orderly, safe stages."
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Jumping into Spring at the Harbor Site!

First graders from Roxbury Elementary School dove right into science Tuesday at the SoundWaters Harbor Site at Boccuzzi Park. They learned all about the different bivalves and univalves that live in Long Island Sound. No shell left unturned! Working…

Busy day on the schooner SoundWaters

The crew brought various ships systems online: Main Engine: Check. Generator: Check. Fresh Water: Check. Sacrificial Anodes: Check. What are sacrificial annodes? They are pieces of zinc, a less noble metal, that will disolve instead of the…

Spring Sailing is here!!!

SoundWaters is excited to offer an afterschool sailing program to students from Turn of River,Scofield, and Rogers 6th-8th grade students this April --June! In this program the students will learn to sail on their own and navigate Holly Pond. If…
sex difference terrapin

It's a boy! It's a girl!

As our terrapins grow, we are finally beginning to tell which are male and which are female. This differentiation can be made when a terrapin's shell reaches a length of 10 centimeters. Three of our terrapins have reached this milestone, and…

SoundWaters EcoKids Day!

Join SoundGeneration for EcoKids Day THIS Saturday, March 19th from 11am - 1pm! Our high school interns are hosting a free day packed with encounters with live animals, marine themed crafts, marine trivia and games! Escape the cold and bring…

Spring is in the air as the 2016 schooner SoundWaters crew arrive

The 2016 schooner SoundWaters crew arrived on Monday and have been busy getting the schooner ready for the upcoming season.  Welcome new Educator / Deckhands Austin, David, Deborah and Taylor.  Stay tuned for more from each of them…

First Day of 2016 Field Studies at Cove Island Park!

Spring has officially arrived here at SoundWaters!  Today marks our first day of field studies at Cove Island Park.  Featured image shows a group of first graders counting and identifying shells they've collected along the shore.

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