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Terrapin Times - Week of December 2

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The maiden voyages of the home school ROVs!

After five weeks of hard work engineering, building, and troubleshooting, our home school group launched their their ROVs (aka Remote Operated Vehicles) today! These vehicles are capable of maneuvering through the water and diving to explore…

SoundKids is Back in Action!

SoundKids is back in full swing! Our Educators visit the Childcare Learning Centers of Stamford to teach their students all about science and the animals of the Long Island Sound. Children get to experience a different animal, science activity…

How did the Long Island Sound form?

Our group of home school students knows how! The Long Island Sound was formed during the Ice Age by glaciers that dug out the basin for the Sound and pushed up the land to form the moraine along Long Island. Here, these students perform an experiment…

Last Outdoor Middle School Program of 2016

This coming week marks our last outdoor middle school group coming to SoundWaters to explore coastal habitats and learn all about Long Island Sound, its animals, and water quality parameters. Next year we will have new students doing amazing…

Happy Thanksgiving from SoundWaters!

Here at SoundWaters, we are thankful for the chance to share our love of Long Island Sound with all of our students! Their hard work, their excitement, and their joy in learning make every day at Cove Island Park a great one.

That's a wrap

That's a wrap on the 2016 schooner SoundWaters season. The crew of the schooner SoundWaters have just wrapped up the 2016 sailing Season. The schooner SoundWaters sailed with 8,298 passengers from 9 ports traveling nearly 1800 nautical miles…

Outdoor Elementary Programs Come to a Close!

With the cold weather of winter quickly approaching, outdoor programming at SoundWaters is drawing to a close. Today 3rd graders from Hart Elementary school close out the season with their exploration of the Long Island Sound habitats in Cove…

Engineering at SoundWaters

At SoundWaters this week, our homeschool students began learning about ROVs and started to construct their frame. Over the next several weeks, they will continue to assemble the frame, add the propellers, and learn all about buoyancy.

What's hiding near the shore?

Dolan Middle School 6th graders donned their waterproof waders and braved the chilly autumn waters of the Long Island Sound on a mission - to find living creatures in the shallow nursery habitats of Cove Island Park. Students were amazed to…

Last canoe session of 2016

This past week had our last canoe session until the spring time. The weather this fall was ideal for getting students on the water, some for their very first time!

A beautiful fall day for outdoor science education...

The students of Scofield Magnet Middle school began their watershed study with SoundWaters this week. As they were getting ready to launch their canoes, they discovered a horseshoe crab crawling up to the shoreline of Holly Pond. The students…

Last day of fall afterschool sailing!

Today marks the last day of fall afterschool sailing with Stamford middle schools. Spring sailing is just a few months away!

Happy Halloween from SoundWaters!

From all of us here at SoundWaters (particularly terrapin Q, aka SuperTerrapin), have a safe and happy Halloween!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The 6th grade students of Cloonan Middle School visited SoundWaters this week to begin their Long Island Sound Watershed study. These students braved the wind to test the water, canoe, and learn about animal adaptations! They did a great…

Davenport Ridge Explores LIS!

First graders from Davenport Ridge visited SoundWaters today to begin their exploration of the Long Island Sound. These inquisitive minds learned all about the creatures of the Sound, starting from the bottom of the food chain with plankton…

Greenwich Academy Girls Explore The Shore!

This past week Greenwich Academy second grade girls learned all about animals, habitats, and invasive species in Long Island Sound. Featured image shows one group posing for a picture with a photogenic Asian shore crab!

Catching up with some old friends

The start of the school year brings our Stamford Public School 6th graders to SoundWaters for a day of coastal exploration and the beginning of their study of the Long Island Sound watershed. On these days, it's a particular pleasure for our…

Terrapin Times - Week of October 14

Love the Terrapins? Join the fan club! Give us your email to receive the weekly Terrapin Times.  Read stories of their recent adventures, get updates on their growth and health, and get terrapin facts. Read this week’s update below and sign…

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