Publication1Long Island Sound is the most important natural resource in our region.  Over 20 million people live within 50 miles of its waters, and it is home to hundreds of species of wildlife.  Long Island Sound has, like many coastal areas, suffered from a variety of pollutants. In 1989, a group of residents decided that part of the solution lay in experience and education: hands-on interaction and educational programs focused on the Sound. SoundWaters was created with the mission to Protect Long Island Sound through Education and this guides our work on a daily and long term basis.

SoundWaters is the #1 choice of schools that study the science of Long Island Sound, with over two decades of experience in creating and providing science programs aboard our 80-foot teaching schooner and at our Coastal Education Center.  Our schooner offers programs from April to November for students of all ages and our Center is free and open to the public, and home to hundreds of species native to Long Island Sound as well as a learning laboratory.  It is uniquely positioned on Long Island Sound and surrounded by diverse inter-tidal habitats that engage our students with hands-on science enrichment right outside our Center.

For the first 10 years, SoundWaters programs took place aboard the Schooner SoundWaters, an 80-foot, three-masted ship that still serves as our flagship: the Teaching Vessel of Long Island Sound, in schools and at field sites. With careful oversight and planning, SoundWaters significantly expanded with the creation of our Coastal Education Center, which opened in 2000.

SoundWaters learning programs bring families together and through experiential education on Long Island Sound, provide scientific enrichment to support and amplify the classroom curricula of students in our area. SoundWaters is the community’s environmental education resource in the Long Island Sound region.