Choose the Theme,  Bring the Cake,  SoundWaters does the Rest!

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s next birthday?

Celebrate it at SoundWaters!

SoundWaters offers a special 2-hour private party led by SoundWaters Educator.
1st hour – SoundWaters Program, 2nd hour – Birthday Celebration
Ages 4 and up.

15 children, $275. Each additional child is $10. Maximum number is 25 children.

Birthday party themes (choose one):

Live Animals:
Hilarious Hermit Crab – Hermit crab story, craft and touch a real, live one!
Fantasy Fish – Hear a fish story, visit the fish in the aquarium and design your own fish.
Mr. Helmet Head – All about horseshoe crabs and how they’ve survived since before the dinosaurs.
Creature Feature – Spend some time with several different animals and touch them all.
Squishy Seastar – What’s that orange spot? Find out and make your own seastar.

Nature Walks:
Rocky Tidal Zones – What is the inter-tidal zone and what lives there? Crab population study!!!
Jolly Geology – How did that big rock get out there and where did Long Island Sound come from?
Salt Marsh Solutions – Take a walk into the wonderful world of the salt marsh.

Lab Lovers:
Micro-Mania – Go on a microscope hunt and identify what you’ve found.
Feeding Frenzy – Be an aquarist for a day by participating in the daily feeding of all our animals.
Enviro-Escape – Hands on pollution control. Save the planet all in an hour!
Art and Ecology – Make recycled paper, leaf prints, picture frames, stamp SoundWaters shirts. Many choices, all fun.

Birthday Party Agreement

For more information please contact:

Jessica Castoro

(203) 406-3311