Learn about Long Island Sound via live data from the Schooner SoundWaters.

The Schooner SoundWaters sails the waters of Long Island Sound from March to November. Our 80 foot schooner is outfitted with state-of the-art technology to transmit key environmental data from Long Island Sound,  via live feed, direct from the ship. Throughout the season, our ship sails from Greenwich, CT to Greenport, NY and many ports in between.

Our newest technological addition, YSI Datasonde gathers vital water quality information from aboard our 80’ three-masted schooner. The YSI Datasonde is a primary tool for determining key properties of water. It provides a precise and comprehensive record of the levels and variation of water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen that helps us to understand how the Long Island Sound water quality changes in different areas and in different seasons.

Parameters measured are:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Salinity
  • Temperature